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We would like you to share in the experience of one of the finest all fibreglass boats ever produced. Their beauty resembles the classic wood boats of yesteryear, but with a fraction of the maintenance associated with a traditional wood boat. These limited production boats are well known for their high quality, craftsmanship and design. We are always welcoming those owners and others alike who share in our appreciation for these truly exquisite and rare boats.

With the demand still present and since these craft are no longer produced, they are greatly sought after. For those of you who own an Deltacraft Islander, you will find others like yourselves on the site, giving you the ability to share your questions, comments and stories about these fine craft. For those of you curious about Deltacraft Islander or looking for a Deltacraft Islander, then this is also the place for you.

August 2007 - This web site was created because of an article published in AFLOAT magazine which can be seen on our History page.

October 2007 - The October 2007 issue of   AFLOAT magazine   contained the below Letter to the Editor.

It was a pleasant surprise for me when I received my copy of AFLOAT magazine, August 2007 and discovered inside a feature article by Ewan Kennedy on my favourite boat - The Deltacraft Islander. The article was a fascinating read for an enthusiast and a current Delta owner like me. Interesting history on the Delta was provided and it was mentioned that there are about 560 tried Deltacraft Islander owners all over Australia.

I would like to get in touch with you all and correspond with all fellow owners and enthusiasts of the Delta.

We can discuss the history of the Delta, different models, where to source parts, offer advice and assist each other regarding the Delta and develop a Data base of fellow owners.

I hope we can establish a Deltacraft club with other enthusiasts who share my passion for this wonderful vessel.

The Club never went any further than an idea and a web page.

The web page has been maintained because there was just so much interest in this practical boat.

Andrew is now busy with other projects so Tom has continued these pages, as a hobby.

Feel free to explore the site and if you have any questions or would like to contibute

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