Arthur Davies
Arthur Davies

Mr. Arthur Davies, J.P., Orchardist, "Auburn", Port Cygnet, was born at Honeywood, in the Huon district. He is the youngest son Mr. William L. Davies, of Geeveston. Mr Arthur Davies was educated by Mr. S. O. Lovell, the present inspector of schools, and occupied the position of pupil teacher under this gentleman for twelve months, but finding the work uncongenial, he resigned the appointment and went to Port Cygnet as assistant to Mr. Matthew Fitzpatrick, who at that time was the leading business man in the district.

Subsequently they embarked upon the orcharding business together, upon the "Glen Fern" Estate, which at that time was but a cattle run. The subject of this sketch now carries on at 'Auburn" (part of the Glen Fern estate) horticultural pursuit. He has 12 acres under cultivation as an orchard, the principal fruits grown being Adams' pearmains, scarlet pearmains, New Yorks, and Sturmers.

The "Auburn" Estate is situated about one mile from the township of Lovett, and is on the main road to Lymington. This road runs along the western side of the bay, so that Mr. Davies has an uninterrupted view of the whole port and surrounding district.

He has been Hon. secretary to the local Board of Agriculture since 1894, and has represented that body on several occasions at the periodical conferences of the boards. He was Hon. secretary to the local Fire Relief Committee, who worked so earnestly and effectively in relieving the dire distress caused by the terrible bush fires, which raged through the Huon district during the summer of 1898, carrying destruction in their train but, thanks to the able and untiring advocacy of the local committee, they obtained for the unfortunate sufferers large sums of money for the erection of houses, etc., together with gifts of fencing wire and grass seed.

The work of investigating the various cases of distress and apportioning the grants was a difficult and onerous work for the committee, and as a report of each case had to be submitted to the central committee, it involved a voluminous amount of correspondence.

Mr. Davies is a member of the Board of Advice, and sat for some time as a road trustee and member of the Fruit Board. While his services have ever been willingly and cheerfully given for any public, worthy or charitable object, he finds time to indulge in his sporting proclivities. He is the Hon. secretary to the Recreation Ground Trustees, held a similar position for some time to the Racing Committee, and has been secretary of the Port Cygnet Regatta Committee for the past eight years, being instrumental in tiding more than one stream of adversity. Mr. Davies is a Roman Catholic, is a church warden, and takes an active part in church matters.

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