Francis Coad

The list of Pensioners who arrived in the Colony (Van Diemens Land) as Guards and dismbarked at Hobart Town on 20th June 1851 from the ship 'Cornwall' included a Guard named Francis Code. The records indicate that he located to Port Cygnet, so this would be Francis Coad, the pioneer. Tradition says that that the Coad family came from Ireland.

Francis Coad c. 1816 to 16 April 1865 aged 49 and Elizabeth Pearce born c. 1826/8 died 20 Nov 1870 aged 44 on death record (or 42 according to Family Bible entry and monumental inscription). They had ten known children, five of whom seem to have been born before Francis Code's arrival in the colony.

The known children of Francis Code and Elizabeth Pearce are, with approximate birth year: Bridget 1846 (married Richard Direen); John 1847 (married Sophia Holland); Anne 1849 (married James Plumsell/Welsh); Thomas, born at sea 1851 (married Catherine Kennedy); James 1854 (married Mary Reardon); Elizabeth 1855 (married Bartholomew Herlihy); Francis/Frank 1857 (married Mary Kennedy); William 1859 (married Margaret Herleigh); Mary 1861 (recorded Mary, known as Margaret, died unmarried aged 25); and Mary (died aged 13).

Thomas Coad (b. c. 1851, d. 19 Jul 1901) married at St James Catholic Church, Port Cygnet 26 July 1873 to Catherine Kennedy (b. 23 Jun 1855, d. Sep or Oct 1929). They had a son Thomas Patrick Coad (born 13 Dec 1893, died 18 May 1952).

Thomas Patrick Coad married Adeline Charlotte Ward (b. 23 Feb 1891, d. 16 Jul 1949) they lived in the Cygnet area but were buried Cornelian Bay, Hobart. They had a son Terence William Coad (1 Nov 1927 to 27 Nov 1999)

Terence William Coad grew up on the 'Pendennis' property which was on Golden Valley Road, Cygnet. He married first Delma Hilder and second Lilian Jones who survives him. Terence attended the Catholic private school in Cygnet and maintained contact with other students and some teachers throughout his life, including Sister Kieren Cahill who now lives in Hobart.

Official records and newspaper reports in the 1850s - 1860s spell the surname Code, It is also found as Coade, Coad and Cody. Thomas Coad (born c. 1851 son of Francis) signed his name in a clear hand as Coad. Frank Coad, his brother, signed in a more scibbly hand also spelling the name Coad. The family Bibles use Coad as the spelling.

The above information was provided by his Anntoinette Ralston, daughter of Terence William Coad.

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