John Cleary
Mr. John Cleary

Mr. John Cleary, Orchardist, Cradoc Road, Port Cygnet, was born at Gordon, and in 1869 made his home at Port Cygnet, where, with the exception of an absence of a year or two, he has remained ever since.

His property has an area of 90 acres, 5 of which are laid out as an orchard; the principal varieties of fruits grown being apples and pears for exportation. Mr. Cleary has a splendid assortment of Sturmers, French crabs, scarlet pearmains, Adams pearmains, and other varieties, also a good assortment of small fruit.

He was elected a member of the Port Cygnet Road Trust in 1899, and takes a great interest in matters relating to the advancement of the district. He was married in 1892 to Miss Dishington, eldest daughter of Mr. A. Dishington, late of Aberlady Mains, Scotland, and has a family of four.

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