Mr. John Kellaway Clark Mr. John Kellaway Clark

Mr. John Kellaway Clark, J.P., Orchardist, "Glenburn", Port Cygnet, was born in 1852 at Franklin, and educated there. He is the third son of the late Mr. John Clark, of that district, and after leaving school assisted his father in conducting a flour mill at Franklin. At this time modern machinery was not in vogue, the mill being run by water power. A few years later he went to New Zealand, and engaged in mining pursuits in the Coromandel district for a couple of years.

Mr. Clark then sought fresh fields in New South Wales and Charters Towers, where he engaged in mining. His birthplace, however, again attracted him, and after a two years sojourn in Queensland, he returned to Franklin. He joined Mr. Thomas Inches at Shipwrights' Point, and remained with him for two years, after which he spent some little time in timber-getting, and then, in company with his brother, accepted large contracts from the Government for roads and bridges in the Huon district.

After two years at this occupation he purchased the "Glenburn" Estate at Port Cygnet, and has by his energy and ability built up a beautiful home. In the homestead Mr. Clark has some 230 acres, of which 9 acres are laid out in scarlet pearmains, Adams' pearmains, Sturmers, and other varieties of the most marketable fruits procurable. The remainder is devoted to general farming pursuits. Mr. Clark also possesses some 417 acres of land at the Sandfly.

As a fruit grower he has been singularly successful, and during the busy season exports largely to intercolonial and London markets. He has always taken an interest in matters having for their object the advancement of the district, and during the eight years he occupied the position of a representative on the Port Cygnet Road Trust he had the proud honour of filling the chair during several successive years. He was appointed a member of the Welsh Road Trust in 1895, and is now in his second term as chairman of that body. Mr. Clark has also been for some years a member of the Port Cygnet Fruit Board and of the Board of Advice. He married Miss Mary Skinner at Franklin in 1883, and has three children.

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