Cygnet in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia

Where is Cygnet ?

This site is intended to display the portion of Tasmania encompassed by the boundary of the old Municipality of Port Cygnet.

The western and southern boundary are the Huon River. The eastern boundary commences just to the east of Verona Sands on the Huon River and proceeds north along the line of hills, crossing the Gardners Bay to Woodbridge road at its highest point.

It then continues north to cross the Nicholls Rivulet to Oyster Cove road at its highest point. Then to Grey Mountain before turning west and rejoining the Huon River at Cradoc.

This site is designed to be a clearing house for all those interested in the Cygnet district, whether they be prior residents or have just settled in the area in the last few weeks. It's success will depend on input from all of us.