The Great Brown Land Down Under

An email received from Kerri-lea on 22 December 2007 contained these verses.

Merry Christmas from Australia,
The Great brown land down under.
Where Christmas is spent at the beach or the pool,
And we're all just left to wonder.


Bout the pictures we see of trees covered in snow,
People huddled by fires to keep warm
Of far off lands where blizzards blow,
To us Aussies this isn't the norm.


Where the man in red wears warm thermal undies,
and his suit is all fleecy and lined.
We wouldn't be you in a month of Sundays,
Our Christmas is one of a kind.


As we lie by the beach eating salad and ice creams,
Getting sunburnt and swatting at flies
We wouldn't swap you in your wildest dreams,
An Aussie Christmas is one of life's highs.