Christmas in Australia
How Christmas is celebrated in Australia

The Silver Stars Are In The Sky

  Words:- John Wheeler. Music:- William G James  

The silver stars are in the sky,
The red-gold moon goes riding high,
O, sleep my little one sleep!


Once long ago, against her breast,
A mother rocked her child to rest,
Who was the Prince of Heav'n above,
The Lord of happiness and love.
O, sleep, my little one sleep!


The boobook calls across the night,
The brown moths flutter in the light,
O, sleep, my little one sleep!


In Bethlehem long, long ago,
When roads and paddocks gleam'd with snow;
On this same night, that mother mild,
Lull'd into dreams her royal child.
So, sleep, my little one, sleep!

The Boo-Book is a small owl which emits a distinctive 'boo-book' call.

  This link will open Silver Stars are in the Sky, a PDF file with words and music.