First to Celebrate Christmas Morning


On the 25th December as for every other morning of the year, the sun rises on a new day on the east coast of Australia.

The International Date Line runs down throught the Pacific ocean just to the east of New Zealand. It is at this point that a new day commences and slowly moves around the world.

Therefore the sun rises on a new day in New Zealand and quickly moves across the ocean to the east coast of Australia. It rises at about 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time on Christmas Day in Australia.

At the moment of sunrise in eastern Australia, the time at major cities around the world is:-

New Delhi, India - - 12.30am - Christmas Day, 25th December
Jerusalem, Israel - 10.00pm - Christmas Eve, 24th December
London, UK - - - - - 8.00pm - Christmas Eve, 24th December
New York, US - - - 3.00pm - Christmas Eve, 24th December
Los Angeles, US - 12.00 midday - Christmas Eve, 24th December

Back in New Zealand it is 8am and the children are now all awake.

Because Australia is so large an island, the time in other state capital cities is later than the east coast. In Adelaide it is only 5.30am and in Perth 4am.

So we see that Australia is one of the first countries in the world to commence Christmas Day celebrations.