Christmas Bush For His Adorning

Words by John Wheeler - Music by William G. James
It appears that this carol is also known as "Gathering Christmas bush together."

All the bells are gaily ringing.
Birds in ev'ry tree are singing.
Let us in this golden weather,
Gather Christmas bush together.

Christ is born! The angels thunder
Thro' the heavens their tale of wonder,
While we pick for His adorning,
Christmas bush this hallow'd morning.

Christ has conquered Evil's pow'r
Hear the bells rock ev'ry tower.
Birds and beasts lift up their voices,
Freed at last the world rejoices.

Onward with triumphant chorus,
Following the road before us,
Singing thro' the golden weather,
Gath'ring Christmas bush together.

This link will open a midi file to allow you to hear the tune. Christmas Bush For His Adorning