The Melbourne Carol

Words and music by Norman Banks

Yuletide in Melbourne means mass jubilation,

And Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve;

Thousands assemble in glad dedication,

To hail Him with joy and the vow, 'I believe'. 


I do believe in Christ Jesus as Master,

Whose teachings infallibly point us the way,

Showing how heaven on earth is wide open

To all who forsake futile idols of clay. 


In all our carols rejoicing we praise Him,

For blessings dependent on His loving hand;

Only His grace and ineffable guidance

Will keep us deserving of this Sunny land. 


Here we abide in a most favoured country

Providing us all with abundance of life,

Knowing devotion to Him will ensure us

The right to possession and freedom from strife. 


Join and rejoice with us, people of Melbourne,

Inspiring mankind by our faith as we sing,

Honouring Jesus whom this celebration

Acclaims as Omnipotent, Merciful King.

This Carol was sung for the first time during the Sixth Annual Christmas Eve Festival, 1943. The Festival is now known as Carols By Candlelight.

A copy of the words and music can be opened at this link.