Christmas in a Country Town

Words by Heather Cunningham - Music by Melanie Evans - - - composed 2011

Download the sheet music and print it.
We would appreciate your coments on this original composition that sums up the activity during Christmas in an an Australian country town.

Welcome Christ at Christmas time
With balmy days in southern clime
Christmas meals on shady lawns
With ham and salad and tasty prawns

Ripe-ning fruit and golden wheat
Jaca-rand-as line the street
Gold and purple for the King
Good news for all, the angels sing

Jacarandas blooming bright
Candles flicker in the night
Baby Jesus born a King
Our joyful worship now we bring

Christmas lights and cards to send
Gifts to buy for all our friends
Bustling crowds in sunny mall
The gift of Jesus - best of all!

People gather with rug and chair
Sweet voices float on the evening air
As candles flicker and children sing
Glad carols to the baby King


Bethlehem was cold that night
Here it's warm - the sky is bright
That same Babe in manger laid
For us He came - the price is paid

Chapels fill with a happy sound
On Christmas morning in the town
We come to worship, you and me,
The Baby born to set us free