About this site

I have lived through over 80 Christmas days and thus am well qualified to write on the subject.

In December 1999 I received emails and cards from friends in the northern hemisphere all of which featured a white Christmas with much snow and ice. I decided to compile a web page to demonstrate Christmas in Australia. The amazing interest in this page has kept me busy identifying further differences between northern and southern hemisphere Christmases.

Early 2001 saw a complete reorganisation of the page with many more sections added to cover the questions asked in the emails received during the lead up to Christmas 2000.

Late November 2001 saw 1,750 visitors a day to this site. Several of them asked in-depth questions about a Christmas in Australia. Thus I have added items about Christmas trees, presents, stockings and the Man in Red.

Late November 2002 visitor numbers peaked at 3,300 a day. More amazing is the fact that from 1 January to 11 October 2003 there have been an average of 42 visitors each day. The 2003 year has seen some very interesting submissions with memories of their childhood Christmas Day.

Christmas 2004 saw record numbers again visit these pages. There were request for the tunes of a couple of carols so I have now grouped the carols and added midi files to all of them, I trust it assists you to get to know the tunes. Also the spam emails became such a nuisance that I have had to take steps to hide my email address. You will now find it as an image on some pages.

Copy this URL- https://tww.id.au/christmas - and email it to your friends and acquaintances around the world suggesting that they save it for next Christmas. Also save this site for next Christmas by adding it to your Favorites folder.
This Web Site was designed in December 1999 and is continually updated.

Reading the first paragraph I find that I need to correct one statement.
I have now seen 85 Christmas Days.
Last update for this page was December 2017.

In the 1970's the Boxing Kangaroo became an unofficial flag used by Australian national sporting teams. In the 1990's the cry "Aussie, aussie, aussie, oy, oy, oy" became a chant for the supporters of our national sporting teams.
A boxing kangaroo with aussie, aussie, aussie The Boxing Kangaroo. Aussie, aussie, aussie