Icons of the Australian Christmas

A Sandman / Snowman

A sandman / snowman

Every since commencing this web site in 1998 I have been looking for images that illustrate the way that Australians celebrate the summer season of Christmas.

Shown here is a snowman built from beach sand with that well known bird from the sea-shore, a sea gull, perched on its head. The 'sand-man' is wearing a broad brimmed hat for protection from the sun. The red and white scarf and the carrot nose indicate the link to the traditional snowman.

I have never seen a sand 'snowman' but the image brings together the facts of an Australian Christmas of heat, sun and the traditional snowman of northern hemisphere countries.

Santa's cap floating on a swimming pool

Santa's cap floating on a swimming pool on a sunny day is an image that depicts the Australian Christmas holiday period.

Fairy penguins
Penguins started to appear in our Christmas images in 2007.
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