Dress Styles plus a Note on Dancing

Standard every day dress in Australia tends to be informal, depending a little on what part of Australia you are located. Tasmania and Victoria, the southern states, see men dressing for business in suits, long sleeve shirts, ties and jackets. Queensland the dress for business is often long sox, shorts, open necked short-sleeve shirt and no jacket. But suits would be worn for more formal business meetings.

Business dress for ladies may be pant-suits or frocks.

For Christmas Day, attending church services, dress would be as for business.

For Christmas indoor lunch or dinner open neck shirts and casual slacks would be the normal for for men. Ladies wearing smart casual styles. Either of the above meals may be an outdoor barbecue or beach picnic, so casual dress is the normal.

Dress for a beach picnic could be a bathing costume.

Our informal dress code.
Santa is dressed in the same red suit the world over.

For the main Christmas meal many families wear funny paper hats which are usually contained in the Bonbons which are described in my dictionary as "A party favor consisting of a paper roll (usually containing candy or a small favor) that pops when pulled at both ends" in our case the favor is a paper hat. The favors are usually pulled as soon as people are seated and the hats donned.

In summary we have no special dress for Christmas, just our newest and best clothes for what ever event we are attending. If we have opened your presents early in the day we may wear one of our gifts of clothing we have received.

To meet the requiremenst of the above "glueing bits of fabric, paper, buttons etc, dress both a male and female character in clothes native to your chosen country".

Appropriate casual dress for an out-door meal could be;

A wide brimmed hat to keep off the sun.
White sun screen cream on the nose and cheeks.
A short or long sleeve shirt.
Shorts or long trousers. These are also suitable for ladies or a skirt or dress.
Thongs or shoes.

Teachers Requests & Answers to dancing, dressing, illustrations and coloring pages

 Santa in the pool

In November 2005 I received the following email.

I am an English Teacher from Cali, Colombia. We are working on a Christmas project based on X-mas celebration in Australia, your website is great and I know it will be very useful to me. I am checking now, but maybe I haven't been able to find something about typical costumes for this special time, please do you know if there is such a special outfit or costume for that?

Also do you have a special dance for christmas?

Shortly after I received a further email as follows.
I live in the United States and these questions are for a 5th grade Festival Project.
1. Find out about the foods used in celebrations, games played, songs sung, decorations created and any special holiday costumes. See a list of links.
2. By glueing bits of fabric, paper, buttons etc, dress both a male and female character in clothes native to your chosen country.

April 2012 - I received the following email:-

I am a kindergarten teacher in West Virginia, USA. There are 4 kindergarten classrooms in my school and we are presenting 4 different countries to our students. I want to teach them about Christmas in Australia. I have found many interesting and fun ideas but I have not been able to find illustrations and coloring pages for my students.

I would love to find coloring pages of: The song - 12 Days of Christmas Aussie style "Swag Man" in his 4 wheel drive, etc.

If you have any ideas or links I would really appreciate it.

We have obtained a few line drawing which may assist your project. You will find them on this page. Would you and other teachers please advise me as to what size these sketches should be and also how they should be presented on this page to meet your needs.

Dancing in Australia

Dancing in Australia is very similar to what you see on American TV. There are still quite a few old-time dances held. That is the foxtrot, waltz, pride-of-erin and progressive barn dance type dancing. With the younger people concentrating on the modern dance styles.