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The many questions received about an Australian Christmas caused me to consider our Christmas greeting cards design. Do we have cards with an Australian theme or are they all frost, ice and snow. I therefore gathered together over two hundred cards and sorted them into several groups. The results by theme were:-
Holly, candles, doves etc   23%
Traditional Christmas scenes   19%
Featuring Father Christmas   18%
Snow & winter scenes   13%
Other styles   11%
Religious   10%
Australian scenes & images   6%
It appears from this small sample that Australians still have in there minds the traditions of the holly, candles, doves and trees type Christmas which has been passed down to them by their ancestors most of whom migrated from the northern hemisphere.
The above was written, and modified, over many years but in December 2018 we discovered in our local $2.00 shop the below range of Australian Christmas cards. Ten cards in a pack with five different desings all for $2.

Koala Platypus Wombat Kookaburra Santa with kangaroo, possum, wombat and koala.

In 2019 the same shop provided two card and a rather nice one arrived in the mail.

Platypus Wombat Koala

In 2022 we located three more Australian theme cards.

Pineapples Palm tree & hamock Koala

Samples of older Australian Theme Cards

Australian Christmas Card
Santa with koala, kangaroo & platypus

Australian Christmas Card
Penguins only live on the Antarctic continent & southern coasts of Australia.

Australian Christmas Card A kangaroo
delivering Christmas gifts.

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
Doctor Santa Claus caring for a tired kangaroo while two reindeer carry the stretcher.
Card design by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a not-for-profit charitable service providing aeromedical emergency and primary health care services together with communication and education assistance to people who live, work and travel in regional and remote Australia.

2008 Australian Christmas Card
In December 2008 we received this Christmas card.
It depicts three creatures which are uniquely Australia, but then is framed with Christmas symbols from the northern hemisphere. The holly and the green fir tree are not common to Australia.
The colours are mainly red, green and white which are world wide traditional Christmas colours.

The birds are from the Asutralian Wren family plus Golden Wattle and Banksia flowers.
In December 2009 a quick search of the Christmas cards received revealed a few with Australian themes.
The birds are from the Australian Wren family plus Golden Wattle and Banksia flowers. The card was issued by Australian Red Cross.

Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake and with Santa and australian helpers.
This card is by Sylvia Bremner. It is a photo of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania and Dove Lake with Santa and Australian helpers inserted.

A koala exploding from a Christmas cracker.
December 2010 this nice Australian theme card arrived.
It was designed by Lee Krutop and depicts a koala exploding from a Christmas cracker. It is complimented with gum leaves and an Australian bird.

1st December 2011 - The first two cards received this year both had Australian themes.

Santa in Australia
December 2014 we received the below card, with an Australian theme designed by Lee Krutop.
It is a very homely card featuring Santa, a kangaroo, a koala, a possum and the Australian flag.

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