Alpaca Wool Products

From Whistlers Bend Alpacas

Homegrown alpaca wool

Cuddly and soft, warm and smooth

Alpaca wool is very soft, smooth and warm.

It is not itchy like a lot of sheep wool.

Alpaca wool is free of lanolin which gives some people allergies - perfect for knitting baby clothes.

Cardigan knitted from our Alpaca wool

An Stud alpaca

We sell two alpaca products

* Balls of quality 8 ply alpaca wool

* Cushions filled with our fleece, printed with alpaca themes

Our high quality fleece is spun into 8 ply balls of wool by  Adagio Mills  in Orange, undyed, in the natural colours of our brown and fawn alpacas.

The remaining fleece is cleaned as cushion fill.
A variety of cushion covers are available with alpaca themes.

Cushions Whistlers Bend