Geta Tossing Forecasts

Forecast the weather for tomorrow
by how the geta lands when tossed.

A Japanese children's game to forecast tomorrows'
weather by throwing geta up high and watching the landing position of geta?

Geta     Geta
Geta are wooden sandles with V straps
with 2 raised supports.
A geta or wooden sandle is kicked into the air.
The weather is predicted by how it lands.
Japanese children have a fun superstition about this game.
Landing Samples
No. 1
This geta makes a good landing.
Let's go picnicking in the park tomorrow. ^_^
No. 2
The children will be throwing white balls at each other.
No. 3
Frogs will be croaking tomorrow.
No. 4
I may get in an accident on my way from school.


The weather forecast indicated by the landing position.

  • No. 1 Landing the correct way up = fine weather.
  • No. 2 Landing on its side = snow for tomorrow.
  • No. 3 Landing upside-down = rain tomorrow.
  • No. 4 Landing on its end = hail tomorrow.

Is there any weather forecast like this Japanese children's game in your country?

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