Christmas Songs & Poems

In December 2006 I was thinking that it is surprising that we don't have a poem or song that combines Christmas and the droughts that we experience in Australia.

The very next day I received the following email from Trevor Williams :-

G'day, I was at carols by candle light the other night and when I was listening to White Christmas I thought that we have a dry Christmas not a white one, so I re-wrote the words. I added lines about the fire fighters out in the bush risking life and limb to save others, and hoping to be home on Christmas Day. I have attached a copy of it too this e-mail to see if you would like to add it to your web site.
Trevor has made a start for us to record our Christmas features such as warm summer weather, cold Christmas dinner, colourful flowers, carols by candle light, drought and bush fires in poems or songs. If you are aware of or have composed something yourself, either old or new, please email them to me at Tom Wills so that I can display them in these pages.
Just click on the blue Tom Wills above and your email software will open with my address already included.
Australia does have these which are included in these pages:-
Christmas where the gum trees grow
Deck the sheds with bits of wattle
The Three Drovers
The Melbourne Carol
The Australian version of Jingle Bells
Australian Twelve Days of Christmas
Carol of the Birds
The Silver Stars Are In The Sky
but Australia needs more. Please email your contribution.
January 2007 - I located a poem by C.J. Dennis which was published on page 4 of the Herald, 24 December 1931. Titled "A Bush Christmas" it can be found at C.J. Dennis. The first verse is as follows :-
The sun burns hotly thro' the gums
As down the road old Rogan comes -
   The hatter from the lonely hut
   Beside the track to Woollybutt.
      He likes to spend his Christmas with us here.
He says a man gets sort of strange
Living alone without a change,
   Gets sort of settled in his way;
   And so he comes each Christmas day
To share a bite of tucker and a beer.

Dry Christmas by Trevor Williams"
Sung to the tune of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"
I'm dreading another dry Christmas
Like all the ones we have these years
Where the tree tops burn and Fire Fighters yearn
To feel raindrops on there faces
- - -
I'm dreading another dry Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
With the bush fires burning so bright
And we pray for rain before Christmas night
- - -
I'm dreading another dry Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
We pray all the fire fighters will be alright
And they can all be home by Christmas night.